10 Advantages of Video Advertising

10 Advantages of Video Advertising

Videos are an effective tool in this digital marketing era to promote your business online and connect with the target audience globally. Almost all sectors and industries are now utilizing the potential of video advertising to take their business to new heights. From content creators to entrepreneurs and big brands, videos are helping different professions and businesses to achieve their goals and objectives. 

Internet usage and online buyers are increasing, making video advertising an essential part of being relevant and a step ahead of your competitors. In addition, video production and advertising can help you build an extensive online community that improves brand visibility. 

Let’s explore some crucial benefits of including video advertising in your marketing campaign. 

1. Consumer psychology

Videos create a tremendous impact on consumers with their audio and visual effects. With numerous unboxing and product review videos available online, consumers research and analyze every specification and compare the products before making any buying decision. 

As consumers now prefer video to know the offering and worth of any product or service, businesses need to adapt video marketing strategies and promote their brand through engaging video advertisements. 

2. Mobile friendly 

A recent survey found that in 2021 there were 2.33 billion mobile video users globally, and the number is expected to grow dramatically in the years to come. This data reveals people prefer mobile phones to watch videos over other devices. 

Brands can choose to create videos with aspect ratios ideal for mobile devices and social media platforms. As short videos are trending, you can choose to upload videos as short as 30 seconds and target your niche audience. 

3. Shareable content

Online users like to share engaging and entertaining videos on their social media accounts and pages. Brands can create video ads with exclusive ad templates for a specific audience to take their online reach and engagement to the next level. 

By creatively using video meme templates for promotion and following trends, brands can increase the shareability of their video content, thereby accelerating brand awareness. 

4. Benefits in SEO

Having video content on websites and your own YouTube channel are effective ways to get more visibility on Google and other search engines. Embedding videos on official websites and optimizing YouTube videos for search engines is remarkably beneficial as the Google algorithm identifies the relevant keywords and shows trending video content on top. 

With online video sharing, you can save time and money spent on your website’s SEO and get an unbelievable amount of exposure in a short period. 

5. Cross-channel marketing

Video content enables businesses to stay connected with their target audience through different devices and platforms. From social networks to websites and multiple electronic devices, video content can help in cross-channel marketing for brands looking to grow their business online. 

Brand promotion on different channels and networks allows businesses to expand their customer base and brand reputation. Moreover, it enables brands to reach a larger group of audiences and increase their sales number. 

6. High visibility

Numerous brands and businesses of all scales create video ads to increase their brand visibility through streamable videos. In-stream video ads on platforms like YouTube and Facebook are exceptionally beneficial for brand promotion and video marketing. With in-stream video ads, you can grab the user’s attention by creating short and engaging video advertisements. 

With a smart digital marketing campaign, you can show video ads on gaming and other highly popular applications to further improve your brand visibility and awareness.

7. Lead generation and conversion

According to 2019 statistics, businesses achieve more than 66% leads every year with the help of video marketing. Generating new leads and converting potential leads into sales are now effortless tasks for businesses of various sectors. 

Showing advantages of using your product or service in video advertising and providing a strong call to action can do wonders for your marketing campaign. 

8. Social media videos

Having a social media presence is valuable for digital marketing campaigns and competing in the online market. With trending short video content and vlogs, brands can enhance their overall engagement level with their audience without spending massive money on ads. 

Brands can also expand their online reach through influencer marketing through video collaboration with social media influencers. Such influencers build their trust amongst audiences through honest product reviews and consistently uploading online videos. You can take your video marketing game on social media to the next level through paid promotion by influencers with a substantial online community. 

9. Informative and educational 

Video marketing is not only about promoting your brand online and providing a call to action in your videos. By creating videos, you can offer valuable information and educate people regarding particular products and services and how they can enhance their buying experience. 

It is also important to provide updates and helpful facts about your sector and industry to gain the trust of your target audience. On the other hand, your video should not include incorrect facts and negative influences as it can harm your brand image in the long run. 

10. Kill the competition

As online videos provide incredible exposure and response from target customers, you can be way ahead of your competitors that are still dependent on traditional marketing techniques. By helping people in their buying decision through informative videos, you can even compete with businesses that have decades of experience in your sector. 

You can upload video testimonials on your official website and social media accounts to share the positive response of your happy customers. Uploading testimonials can create a healthy brand reputation and eventually increase your sales and conversions.


To create an engaging video for advertisement, it is crucial to focus on video quality and content. You can invest in some essential video gear such as microphones and gimbals for smooth footage and audio. After recording a video, editing is the next big step to consider before uploading your video. 

For ideal video production, you can hire a professional video editor who can add creativity and make your video crisp. In addition, you can use online video creation software that will do all the work for you and offer several video templates at a reasonable cost.

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