How to Decide on Asbestos Removal Services?

How to Decide on Asbestos Removal Services?

Asbestos as we all know is a fibrous mineral that is resistant to fire and electricity. Just because of this property many industries were using this mineral for a wide range of commodity. However, after knowing that the minerals are hazardous to health many industries have stopped the usage. The usage of asbestos has recently diminished in recent times.

There are many houses, schools and building where asbestos was used as the construction material. This mineral is harmful to humans if air-borne, but it is still not banned in United States. The United States EPA (Environmental Protection agency) have placed strict laws which limits the usage and exposure to asbestos.


It is referred to a group of silicate mineral that are thin fibrous crystals which are resistant to fire and electricity says Irwin Asbestos Removal. These minerals can also absorb sound. They are found in two types.

  1. Serpentine – Curly fibers
  2. Amphibole – needle like fibers

Both type of asbestos is very dangerous.


As we all are aware this mineral is hazardous. It is made up of minute fibers which when air-borne and if inhaled can stick to the tissues in the lungs. They hold the lungs so tightly that it is really hard to break them down and remove them from the system. Hence, they cause scarring and inflammation which develop into tumors thus causing serious health risks such as cancer & respiratory illness. The health-related condition is not easy to diagnose because it generally takes 10-50 years for asbestos inflammation to show up.

Disease such as Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer and Asbestosis are respiratory inflammation which leads to aggressive and life-threatening cancer. Asbestos exposure of any level is dangerous as per the EPA. Even though Asbestos is dangerous it is not banned in U.S and is still found in several old buildings and homes. According to a research, there are 20 million people who are at risk due to asbestos exposure.

Removal Services

As asbestos removal is a difficult and complex procedure it is always recommended that the removal is not done by you. There is a risk that you might get exposed or may be one of your family members may come in contact with asbestos which is air-borne and get affected by it. So, make sure that you hire asbestos cleaning company to remove the harmful mineral in a proper way. Listed below are the pointers you need to check before you hire an asbestos cleaning service.

  • Experience: Always consider an asbestos cleaner which have been in business for a long time. They might charge you a bit higher than the usual, but you can be rest assured that are qualified to handle the asbestos removal without harming you, your family members and your neighbor’s.

Inspection:  Before the cleaners remove the asbestos ask them to visit your property and make a thorough inspection of the asbestos in the building. There are many companies which skips this step and start the removal process without considering the fact that it might be dangerous. So, make sure you get the inspection done and asbestos removal is planned accordingly with all precautions.

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