How to Use Spore Cheats: List and Instructions?

How to Use Spore Cheats: List and Instructions?

Spore cheats let you play God, giving you total control over your creations and the world they inhabit. In addition to earning additional money to spend or unlocking levels early, you can also change the look of the game completely. This is done by typing in some of the simple Spore cheat codes we’ve got listed here.

Look out for the Joker Badge appearing on the screen. This means earning achievements have been disabled due to the code entered – don’t save after that point unless you’re not planning on unlocking any awards during the rest of your playthrough. Here are some Spore cheats to get you started.

spore cheats unlock everything
spore cheats unlock everything

How to Use Spore Cheat Codes

Press Ctrl+Shift+C to open the console screen, then type your selection from the following commands into the console and press enter. When you’re done, press Escape or click the X to close the console.

Spore cheat codes list

  • moreMoney – $1,000,000 in space and $2,000 in civilisation
  • refillMotives – Restore your health and other motives
  • addDNA – get 150 DNA points
  • unlockSuperWeapons – superweapons are unlocked
  • spaceCreate – Recharges creation tools while playing in space
  • freedom [on/off] – Turns off or enables editor complexity limits, creations that violate the limits will not be pollinated
  • evoadvantage – Use this cheat when starting a new Creature game to select any creature from the Sporepedia, so you can start a new game with your most evolved creatures
  • levels -unlock – enter at the main menu to unlock all stages, some achievements will not be unlocked if you use this code
  • levels -unlockAdventures – At the main menu, you can unlock all Maxis adventures
  • SetTime [h, m] – set the time for your Avatar’s position, and optionally a speed multiplier
  • universeSimulatorPirateRaidFrequency # – Determines how often pirates will raid your system
  • universeSimulatorPirateRaidAllyFrequency # – set the rate that pirates will raid allies in your system
  • universeSimulatorPirateRaidPlunderFrequency # – Determine the rate at which pirates steal spice from your system
  • movie – see all movies
  • blocksmode – Represents creatures as blocks
  • highresTextureLevel [off/low/medium/high] – Change the texture quality of vehicles and buildings
  • stylefilter [style] – apply the following unique looks to your game:
  • stylefilter -filmNoir
  • stylefilter -microscope
  • stylefilter -nextgen
  • stylefilter -norainbows
  • stylefilter -oilPaint
  • stylefilter -none – remove any filters used
  • adventureLook [style] – apply the following unique looks to your published adventure:
  • adventureLook -eightbit
  • adventureLook -filmnoir
  • adventureLook -norainbows
  • adventureLook -sepia
  • adventureLook -sixteenbit
  • adventureLook -watercolor
  • adventureLook -none – remove any filters used
  • setConsequenceTrait [trait] – apply the following traits:
  • setConsequenceTrait cell carnivore
  • setConsequenceTraitcell_herbivore
  • setConsequenceTraitcell_omnivore
  • setConsequenceTraitcreature_aggressive
  • setConsequenceTraitcreature_social
  • setConsequenceTraitcreature_mixed
  • setConsequenceTraittribe_aggressive
  • setConsequenceTraittribe_social
  • setConsequenceTraittribe_mixed
  • setConsequenceTraitciv_military
  • setConsequenceTraitciv_economic
  • setConsequenceTraitciv_religious
  • setConsequenceTraitspace_bard
  • setConsequenceTraitspace_diplomat
  • setConsequenceTraitspace_ecologist
  • setConsequenceTraitspace_knight
  • setConsequenceTraitspace_scientist
  • setConsequenceTraitspace_shaman
  • setConsequenceTraitspace_trader
  • setConsequenceTraitspace_wanderer
  • setConsequenceTraitspace_warrior
  • setConsequenceTraitspace_zealot
  • rename planet [new name] – Renames selected planet
  • rename star [new name] – Rename the selected star
  • freeCam – toggle a Free Cam around
  • pauseUIVisible – Determines whether the pause frame is displayed
  • toggleCaptureUI – Toggles UI for image capture
  • capturePlanetGIF – creates a GIF of your planet, which is saved in your “AnimatedAvatars” directory
  • antiAliasGIF – creates a GIF image of your planet, which is saved in your “AnimatedAvatars” directory
  • killallhints – get rid of all hints
  • help – contains a list of cheat commands
  • help [cheat code] – Displays more details about that particular cheat code
  • help -full – displays a more detailed description of cheat commands
  • history – displays a list of your last commands
  • option – displays a list of options
  • prop – display/modify properties
  • clear – clear console
  • quit – quit game

Easy Impressing During Creature Phase

During the Creature phase (fresh from the tidal pool), you can gain additional parts for your creature by impressing the Alpha versions of your fellow inhabitants. You may encounter other members of their species when you first approach them.

The more of them there are, the more difficult it can be. Push the Alpha away from the nest and try to solo it out so that you only have to deal with his dancing, singing, etc. against your crew of followers.

Spore Creators

At the main menu, start spinning the camera really fast to the left then after a few seconds, while it’s moving at full speed, quickly turn the camera right. A flash will happen, and after a few seconds of spinning the camera right, stop turning the camera. Pictures of people will start moving around on the screen.

Creature Stage

First, make a very powerful creature in the creator and use the “freedom” cheat to make it as big and as evil as you want. Then simply type eco advantage in the evolution stage after you get to land and mate; you’ll be able to select your creature.

You will get all the parts just like the full version if you open the cheat window and type “PARTSLOT” in capital letters. Note: This cheat only works on the trial edition, since if you do it on the full edition it will become the trial edition with the disk and all.


If you are in the creature/tribal phase, type “killallepics” in the console to defeat an epic. They will all die, leaving you with a lot of food.

Start Tribal Stage with Animals

Getting members of the other tribe into your pack is a pre-requisite for advancing to the Tribal stage. They will become domesticated animals.

Safe data

If you want to ensure that your data is safe, try to avoid saving when the computer is likely to turn off. Also, don’t turn off the computer while you are saving, or you risk losing your data.

You wanna live?

After you decide to grow legs you will be in an extremely hostile environment so to survive you will need speed, sneak or brawn something like a humanoid should have allies, or a T-rex creature should be able to kill everything so you must choose a solid type, not a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none.

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