Startup Vs Franchise: Which One is a Better Choice?

Startup Vs Franchise: Which One is a Better Choice?

Are you tired of working for someone else and want to start a business of your own? If yes, then you can either start a fresh business or invest in a franchise. To establish a new business, you need to flex your mind and think of some creative ideas. Also, you need to make a foolproof plan that can help you touch the heights of success. However, a new business doesn’t come with guaranteed success. You may need to burn midnight oil to flourish new business. On the other hand, when you start a franchise you invest in a turnkey business model that can work wonders for you. As a franchisee, you just need to abide by the terms and conditions of franchise agreement. In this article, we have highlighted some points in favour of buying a franchise. 

Do you have plans to start a franchise? If yes, then the first and foremost step is to look for a good fit franchise for yourself. You need to do extensive research before entering into a franchise contract. For example: If you want to work in a franchise where you can learn new things every day, then an education franchise can be a perfect choice for you. There are a number of benefits you can relish after starting a franchise business. Well, this article is here to tell you about the advantages of starting a franchise business. So, keep on reading this article meticulously. 

Here are some relevant points that can reveal some benefits of starting a franchise business:

Note that you can enjoy the below mentioned benefits only when you invest in the franchise of an eminent brand. Also, it is advisable to read FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) before signing the contract. After starting a franchise of an illustrious brand, you’ll get the following benefits. 

1. A new career

While it’s crucial to a franchisor that you’re the perfect match for the franchise, that doesn’t imply you have to have prior expertise in that particular industry. There are many various types of franchising, and most of them include training programmes, workshops, and bootcamps. Most of your previous employment would have given you transferrable abilities that you may use to start your own business. Entrepreneurial spirit and passion are sought by franchisors. Also,  they want to know if your objectives are in line with theirs and the company’s vision. One of the benefits of franchising is that it allows you to start again and go in a route you never imagined.

2. It works magically 

Franchising is a long-standing business model that has consistently generated profits year after year. According to research analysis, franchising in India has consistently produced profits for well over 90% of franchisees. This is much higher than the failure rate for non-franchised small enterprises, which is as high as 91% in the first year. Business concepts that have been proved to succeed are available through franchising. They’ve already made blunders and improved the system, allowing others to join and build on the company’s strengths. Therefore, starting a franchise is way better than starting a new business. 

3. The power of brand

Many franchises are well-known companies that have a lot of clout due to their name and product/service. It’s beneficial to buy a company that’s already established and has a large customer base since it helps you to have a head start. Note that people prefer well-known brands because they can trust the product/service and its quality. As a franchisee, you know you won’t have to start from scratch creating brand awareness. Thus, it can become really easy for you to attract and retain customers. 

4. Wealth of advice and support 

After starting a franchise business, you will get continuous support from your franchisor. Also, your fellow franchisees will be there to help you. Well, starting a franchise means you are entering a community of individuals who have dealt with the same experiences as you and can lend you a helping hand when necessary. Thus, you can bypass a bunch of problems as there’ll be a number of people to offer you help. Will you get this much support in a new business? Obviously not! Therefore, starting a franchise can be a great choice for you. 

5. Realize your goals

You will regain control over your career whether you create your own company or join a franchise. You may set your own hours and work around your other commitments. However, you receive out of a business what you put in, so understand that owning a franchise does not guarantee success or financial gain. To own and manage a successful business, you must put in a lot of effort and dedication. Setting personal objectives and achieving them, as well as getting recognised for them will be fulfilling. Do you know the exact difference between franchise and own business? Well, in a franchise you’ll get regular help from your franchisor and in your own business you are completely dependent on yourself. 

6. High profits

It is certain that you’ll earn high profits after investing in a franchise business. Do you know how? Because you need not make hard efforts to attract customers. You’ll already get a solid customer base. Also, you need to make less efforts on marketing while working in a franchise. Your franchisor will also provide you with marketing material. You just need to pay a certain amount in return. Thus, while working in a franchise, it can get easy for you to boost your sales and earn high profits. 

So, are you eagerly searching for a perfect franchise? If yes, then choose to invest in a coaching franchise. You can easily earn whacking profits with a little investment. 


People buy franchises because they believe in the business idea. It provides cautious entrepreneurs with a tried-and-true business model. Also, it necessitates following the business model of someone else. Launching your own company gives a chance for personal and financial independence for people with a huge idea and a good knowledge of how to manage a business. Therefore,  you are the only one who can choose which model is best for you.

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