The Top inventions of the 20th Century

The Top inventions of the 20th Century

The 20th century is the most extraordinary in the history of humans. It is due to its rate of advances in the field of technology and discoveries of science fields that set the pace for the present world.

There were a lot of new gadgets back then, and huge discoveries got made. Here are the top discoveries and inventions of the twentieth century. So, let’s dive into the history homework tour and discover these inventions!


Radio made it possible for the voice to be heard from thousands of meters away from the source without a wired connection. In the current world, most people listen to the radio in their cars or while resting. Back in the day of its prime, it was a vital part of life just like phones, television sets, and computers are to us.


The drugs have and still are playing a vital role in curing and saving people from many diseases. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928, and the medicine immensely helped reduce the rate of death caused by infections by bacteria. Smallpox and typhoid also got cured by antibiotics.


The TV has changed human interaction over the decades. It teaches us, updates us on current events, entertains, and also airs stories for the viewers. The television also brings unity in the family as most people sit and eat together while watching TV.


The 20th Century blessed us with airplanes that made it possible to tour the world in a matter of hours. They made travel safe and fast and also opened doors for pesticide spraying and helping firefighters in controlling forest fires. It has saved time of travel immensely.


It was the most preferred form of transport of the 20th century. Most people wouldn’t imagine living without them. They were made affordable to the average person and made huge profits by creating long traffics in the market.

Personal Computer

Today the PCs have been popularized, and almost everyone can have them. They help in tracking finance, gaming, entertainment, writing, designing, and even buying and selling other stuff over the internet. The world would possibly crumble if computers were to disappear today.


The first of its kind got invented in 1880.  It was later until the 20th century that saw the modernization of the submarines. Today, they are all littered across the ocean depths, with many helping in research and security.

Nuclear Energy

Humans managed to discover nuclear energy, that was clean and safe to use and unlimited. The worst news is that it got into some hands and helped create weapons of mass destruction, such as the nuclear bombs that are a threat to human survival even in the present world.


It was a printing machine that reduced the labor of printing. It also made copies of documents that helped in duplicating articles. It began the service by grayscale prints and later graduated to color printing that could produce colored images and texts. Xerography was a boom to the production of books and newspapers and led to the fall of traditional printing.

Rocketry It began as a war machine designed by the Chinese over 3,000 years ago. In the present world, they are controllable, which has made them both war weapons and crafts for education and knowledge. Their introduction led to the exploration of other planets.

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